The Nikoulis Foundation

Nikolaos Panai Nikoulis’s will of June 21st 1993, published on June 2nd 1998, defines the name, the spirit and the purpose of the Nikoulis Foundation, founded in loving memory of his parents, Panagiotis (Panais) Nikolaou Nikoulis and Eleni Vassiliou Kourtara.

His late father Panais had a horrible fate, as he was massacred by the communists in 1947 and his remains were never found. However, Nikolaos Panai Nikoulis’s will is filled with kindness and love, not hatred or revenge and he always prayed to God  for this, as this is also what his father would have wished for.

The purposes of the Nikoulis Foundation are educational and social, in equal parts, and they include the following:

  • Providing scholarships to students who originate from Krania, need financial support and have excelled in their studies and ethos.
  • Establishing awards for intellectual achievements or contributions to society.
  • Reducing human suffering and pain.

The members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors are:

  1. Panagiotis (Panais) Vassiliou Nikoulis, President.
  2. Athanassios Fotiou Oikonomou, substituted by Apostolos Georgiou Giolvas.
  3. Panagiotis Fotiou Oikonomou.
  4. Sotirios Sotiriou Tsatsaris.
  5. Evangelos Evangelou Kokouvas, substituted by Konstantinos Georgiou Halkias.
  6. Michael (Mikes) Apostolou Balbouzis, substituted by Nikolaos Anastasiou Koutsioukis.
  7. Theodoros Vassiliou Kyratzoulis, substituted by Konstantinos Ioannou Karanatsios.
  8. Athanassios Konstantinou Zissakis, substituted by Athanassios Antoniou Kokouvas.
  9. Thomas Konstantinou Bagiaras, substituted by Evangelos Vassiliou Kyriatzis.

Members of the Board of Directors are appointed for life.

The duration of the Nikoulis Foundation is indefinite.

The assets of the Nikoulis Foundation are non-transferable.

Therefore, the Nikoulis Foundation is eternal.  The Foundation’s governors will perform their duties vigorously and in a way that promotes the Foundations’ purpose.