Cultural Society of Krania Olympou

The Cultural Society of Krania OIympou and the recently founded Cultural Society of Pinios Delta (in Kouloura) aim to support progress, cultural developments and entertainment of the two villages.

ekthesi07The Societies of Krania and Kouloura contribute to the maintenance of our local traditions and cultural heritage by organizing cultural educational, social, artistic and athletic events, particularly during the summer months.

As an example, the Larissa Public Theater established a tradition of presenting almost all of its premieres in the 600 seat stone-built outdoor theater of Krania (horostasi).

Additionally, other theater groups, such as Karditsa, Veria and Lamia, as well as the Choir of Brno of the Czech Republic, had many successful performances that the local audiences loved.

Other cultural events that take place throughout the year are: The cutting of the annual pie during the Epiphany, the annual dance of the Krania and Kouloura Cultural Societies, the cultural events of the carnival and other events surrounding Easter.  In addition, the Societies organize summer evening events in horostasi and in the village square, with the main events being children’s shadow puppet shows and theatrical games.

Heirloom and Monument Preservation Society of Krania Olympou

The Society was founded in 2005 with the goal of tracking, collecting and promoting the heirlooms and monuments of Krania’s long history.

ekthesi02For this purpose and in coordination with state authorities, it collected, recorded and photographed the existing heirlooms.   It then wrote a study for their preservation and assigned the necessary work to public and private art restoration laboratories.

The Society presented an exhibition of the restored pieces at the Nikoulis Foundation in the summer of 2007.

The Society aims to eventually create a museum for public viewing of all restored pieces, in coordination with the Municipality of Kato Olympos.