Nikolaos P. Nikoulis

Νικόλαος Π. ΝικούληςHe was born on February 11th, 1932 in Krania Olympou.  He spent his childhood in his beloved village and, despite the difficult war years, he received his first education in Krania’s Elementary School.

After graduating from the 2nd High School of Larissa, he studied law at the University of Thessaloniki Law School, he graduated with honors and in 1958 he was sworn as a lawyer in Larissa.

He retired in 1998, ending his forty year career in the practice of law.

He was a charismatic personality, who knew how to fight and to brighten his work with his intellectual achievements.

From the first years of his career, he proved to be a highly capable criminal lawyer.  He maintained that the first and last quality of a defense lawyer is ethos, because this virtue is immortal.

He was a Prefect in Rethymno, where he was awarded the gold medal of the Arkadi Holy Monastery.

He received an award from the Academy of Athens and the Athens Linguistic Society for his linguistic and sociological studies of the region of Krania.

The Larissa Legal Society named him “Honorary Lawyer” after his retirement.

His literary work is extremely varied.  It is filled with a wealth of ideas, phrases and deep life meanings, in prose or poetic format. It is characterized by honest expression, completeness and tersity.

Part of his literary work has been published by the Nikoulis Foundation.  This includes the following books:

  1. Horis Perikardio” (“No Pericardium”), published in 1999 by Ella editions, is an autobiographical novel about the difficult period of his open heart bypass operation.
  2. Ntopiolalies Kranias Olympou” (“Expressions of Krania Olympou”), published in 2002 by Thessaly University Editions, is an innovative collection of words and phrases.  It was awarded by the Academy of Athens in 1995 and the Athens Linguistic Society in 1997.
  3. To Kryfo Monopati” (“The Secret Path”), published in 2006 by Thessaly University Editions, is an autobiography of his tumultuous childhood years.

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